27 Apr 2015

Lease issued for third bauxite mine in Fiji

9:28 am on 27 April 2015

A lease for a third bauxite mining site has been issued in Fiji, and will be the largest so far of the sites in the Northern Division.

The Chinese company Aurum Exploration Limited has almost completed mining at the first site in Nawailevu, which has produced almost 1 million tonnes of bauxite.

The same company has just started clearing the third site at Dreketi which covers an area of 222 hectares, compared to the 150 hectares at Nawailevu.

The Mineral Resources Department Director, Malakai Finau, says the company has just started work at the site.

"In fact we have just issued the mining lease for this third site, known as Naibulu East, they are beginning the mining development operations. They have to clear the site and do the roads."

Mining has just commenced at the second, smaller site in Leketu, where bauxite will also be exported solely to China.