23 Apr 2015

France looks to help Cook Islands anniversary transportation

1:09 pm on 23 April 2015

France is expected to assist Cook Islands with transportation to its outer islands by providing a naval vessel and a transport plane during this year's 50th anniversary of independence celebrations.

The Cook Islands prime minister, Henry Puna, visited French Polynesia last week, where he met with the admiral of the French naval fleet.

Mr Puna says he came away satisfied France was willing to assist with transportation issues.

"I came away very, very satisfied and absolutely comforted by the offer. In essence, they are offering a naval vessel plus a transport plane. But to finalise the details, a reconaissance team from the admiral's office in Papeete will be here in the first week of May."

The Cook Islands prime minister, Henry Puna.

Henry Puna

Henry Puna Photo: AFP