22 Apr 2015

Guam senator says same-sex marriage is legal

3:51 pm on 22 April 2015

A Guam senator accuses the Governor of grandstanding over same-sex marriage and ignoring the rule of law.

Guam, same-sex marriage

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Two women are taking court action against an agency which refused to issue them a marriage licence.

Michael San Nicolas says legally the women are within their rights.

"The Ninth Circuit Court, which is the court of jurisdiction that Guam falls under, has already made a ruling that same-sex marriages cannot be discriminated against and the Attorney-General on Guam has already issued a recommendation to the agency informing them that same sex marriage cannot be discriminated against and they need to process the application for a marriage licence."

However Mr San Nicolas says the Governor ignored this and halted the licence until his own legal team investigated the issue.

Mr San Nicolas says there are a few elected officials grandstanding in front of the large Catholic community on Guam.