21 Apr 2015

Momentum growing for fish rally in Cooks

11:54 am on 21 April 2015

Organisers of a planned protest for Friday in the Cook Islands against purse seine fishing boats in its waters say many have volunteered to help.

A spokesman, who asked not to be named, says schools have become involved and scores of pupils are due to attend.

The march will start at 4:30pm at Avarua Harbour, with marchers meeting around Trader Jacks or on the Banana Court grass area at 4pm.

The route will lead through Avarua to Avatiu Harbour and will end at the Punanga Nui market stage area.

The group is rallying against the depletion of fish stocks and says the fishery should be left alone for a time to allow for the fish to regenerate.

A net filled with skipjack tuna coming out of the hold of a purse seine fishing vessel anchored in the Marshall Islands as it off-loads the fish to a mothership for transfer to Asian canneries.

Fishermen on a purse seine vessel in the Pacific. Photo: AFP