Former Bougainville woman MP wants back in

4:08 pm on 16 April 2015

One of the three women to win a reserved seat in Bougainville 10 years ago is standing again because she wants to ensure there is experience in place for the referendum on independence.

The autonomous Papua New Guinea region is holding elections from May 11th with the referendum on possible independence the key issue in the election.

Francesca Semoso won in North Bougainville in the first election for the ABG in 2005.

She stood unsuccessfully in an open seat in 2010 but is hoping the reserved seat will return her to parliament where she believes she can offer leadership.

"2019 is when the people of Bougainville take a vote on either independence or still belonging with PNG. And I have got the quality that I just want to get in there and make sure that Bougainville achieves what it wants to achieve."

A total of 23 women are contesting the three reserved seats and a record 11 in the open seats.

No woman has ever won in an open seat in Bougainville.