14 Apr 2015

Fiji's opposition in 'wonder' over MP resignation

2:11 pm on 14 April 2015

Fiji's opposition says it's concerned about the sudden resignation of the former health minister.

Dr Neil Sharma handed in his resignation on Friday, as the FijiLeaks website says Dr Sharma told it he was forced to resign or be sacked.

FBC reports Dr Sharma voted against the government in the last sitting of parliament on two different motions.

In November, the Fijileaks website published documents which suggested that the Independent Commission against Corruption had completed investigations into the ministry and recommended Dr Sharma be charged for corruption.

Ro Teimumu Kepa says she is concerned about the motive behind the resignation.

"I am sure there is more to this than meets the eye. It would be interesting to find out what has brought about this resignation so early in the life of this present Parliament and for that to happen suddenly is a cause for concern and wonder."

Fiji's Members of Parliament

Fiji's Members of Parliament Photo: Fiji Department of Information