14 Apr 2015

Norfolk referendum in just over three weeks

10:01 am on 14 April 2015

The Norfolk Island government says a weekend meeting gave strong backing to the holding of a referendum on the island's political future.

Australia wants to remove self government powers from Norfolk and says the island cannot adequately administer the federal and state authority it has held since 1979.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Photo: AFP

There is a split in the island's community on Canberra's plans but the chief minister, Lisle Snell, says hundreds attended a meeting at the weekend and welcomed the push for a referendum.

"That will be dispatched to all residents on the island, all on the electoral roll, and they will have approximately 3 weeks to form their opinions on whether the residents of Norfolk Island should have the right to fully determine their political status or not. So it will be a yes or no vote."

Lisle Snell says they will have to give their answers on Friday May 8th.