8 Apr 2015

Better maternity care pushed in Bougainville poll

7:52 pm on 8 April 2015

A women's activist running in the Bougainville elections wants improvements in the delivery of basic services.

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Photo: RNZ

The autonomous Papua New Guinea region goes to the polls for two weeks from May 11th.

There are 11 women contesting the open seats and another 23 contesting the three reserved seats for women.

One of those in the open seats is the founding president of the Bougainville Women's Federation, Hona Holan, who is standing in Haku on Buka and facing a record 23 male candidates.

She says part of her plank is improved access to sanitation, education and health, particularly improved maternal care.

"Like bring maternity wards near to where the women are, so they will not walk miles just to deliver a baby. So I think those are the points that when I go around doing my campaigning I talk to the women about, like, maybe we can talk to the government about putting in a maternity ward attached to the aid post. Don't really have to walk hours just to give birth."