8 Apr 2015

Vanuatu extends superannuation access for cyclone victims

2:35 pm on 8 April 2015

The Vanuatu council of ministers has extended a grace period for access to superannuation funds for victims of cyclone Pam until next week.

Vanuatu - Shepherd Islands

Photo: NZ / Koroi Hawkins

This is in relation to a previous council decision allowing Vanuatu National Provident Fund members to access 20 percent of their superannuation for the purpose of rebuilding their homes.

Kiery Manasseh from the Vanuatu prime ministers office who has just returned from Tanna says the extension is a welcome one as shelter is still one of the main priorities for victims of Pam.

"Basically the extension is so that all the people who have applied to get their money can get the money and use make use of that opening to buy building materials so people could rebuild their houses."

Mr Manassah says the superannuation payouts work in conjunction with the waiving of all VAT taxes on building materials to make them more affordable for the rebuild.

Family in Nikinini community (mother Josephine, and children Angelica (12), Jacquie (9), Jessica (1) and Bojel (8). They have lost everything beacuse of Super Cyclone Pam. The cyclone has affected 60,000 children

Photo: SUPPLIED / Unicef