8 Apr 2015

Fiji police enforce domestic violence laws - chief

11:17 am on 8 April 2015

Fiji's police commissioner has rejected claims by the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre that police are not doing enough to combat the issue of domestic violence.

The late Losana McGowan, Fiji Journalist.

Losana McGowan Photo: Facebook

His comments come after two incidents of alleged domestic violence at the weekend resulting in the death of a journalist Losana McGowan and the burning of a woman who was doused with fuel in Lautoka.

The Coordinator of the FWCC Shamima Ali says police aren't doing enough to enforce legislation but the Commissioner Ben Groenewald refutes that.

"It is not the truth. It has been proved internationally that the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act is one of the most difficult acts to implement. Because 99 percent of the cases between husband and wife - you receive the complaints and the next day the complainant comes back and withdraws the case."

Ben Groenewald says complainants are now no longer able to withdraw cases and must go through the court system.

A 28 year-old man has appeared in court in Fiji charged with the murder of his partner Losana McGowan at the weekend.