Alternative CNMI-Guam link up in air

8:08 pm on 7 April 2015

Hopes have again been dashed for an alternative air service between the Northern Marianas and Guam after Guam's airport authorities dropped interim measures giving Star Marianas Airlines access.

Saipan airport

Saipan airport Photo: supplied

The Saipan Tribune reports the Guam International Airport Authority dropped the plans for 40-foot containers to be used because of cost issues.

The newspaper reports emails between the authority and the Tinian-based carrier said plans for a container to be used as a temporary customs processing area were dropped because they were not cost effective and did not meet customs requirements.

CNMI residents have long pined for an alternative to the monopoly of the United Airlines-Cape Air service between the CNMI and Guam, which has been plagued the past year by flight cancellations and poor service.