3 Apr 2015

Fiji government urged to set up key commission

2:36 pm on 3 April 2015

Fiji's opposition leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, has called on the government to confirm the nominees to the Constitutional Offices Commission so that it can start its work.

Fiji constitution

Fiji constitution Photo: supplied

The Commission, which is to be set up according to the 2013 constitution, is to be made up of six people, including one person chosen by the opposition.

Ro Teimumu says she proposed a Suva lawyer, Richard Naidu, in January but is yet to receive confirmation.

She says Mr Naidu is known for being a fearless advocate for the rule of law.

She says during the transition from dictatorship to democracy, it is crucial for key positions to be occupied by citizens who are patriotic defenders of democracy.

The Constitutional Offices Commission is tasked with giving advice to the president to help appoint office holders, such as the military commander, the police commissioner, the electoral commission and the governor of the Reserve Bank.