3 Apr 2015

Polynesian Airlines to re-open flights to NZ

8:26 am on 3 April 2015

The Samoa government has announced that Polynesian Airlines will again fly directly to New Zealand and other Pacific countries in June, using a Solomon Airlines Airbus 320/319 aircraft.

Polynesian airlines, Samoa

Polynesian airlines, Samoa Photo: Supplied

The move follows a meeting between the heads of both airlines to negotiate an agreement for the lease of the Solomon Airlines aircraft to Polynesian Airlines.

The Samoa government says the initiative is to enhance flight services and provide cheaper airfare options for the people of Samoa.

The resumption of Samoa's airline's direct air service to New Zealand will kick off with chartered flights but schedule flights are expected to start in November, with the expectation of the local carrier to operate direct flights on its own aircraft next year.