30 Mar 2015

Jail term from American Samoa police officer

8:19 pm on 30 March 2015

A police officer in American Samoa has been sentenced to 30 days in jail on charges of assault and possession of a prohibited weapon.

American Samoa police headquarters

American Samoa police headquarters Photo: Supplied

Police Detective Ioane Paselio's conviction stems from an incident that occurred last October in a bar.

The government says Paselio assaulted a security guard, shattered a window at the bar, and then retrieved a gun from an unmarked police vehicle and threatened to use it.

Paselio will serve his time at a jail in Manu'a.

The detective has been involved in the conviction of a number of inmates at the main prison, the Territorial Correctional Facility and our correspondent says this is why one of the reasons the parties have agreed he serve jail time in Manu'a.