30 Mar 2015

Solomons timber exports under scrutiny

3:50 pm on 30 March 2015

Verifying the legality of sawn Solomon Islands timber sold into New Zealand and Australia was a focus during a visit by exporters.

Most trees harvested in Solomon Islands are sent to China as logs but the government wants to add value through expanding the sawn timber market into Australia and New Zealand.

Sawn Solomon Islands timber sold into New Zealand is scrutinised

Exporters highlight legal harvesting of Solomons timber Photo: AFP

Andrew Piper of the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Programme says there has been a lot of work in the past two years on how to prove trees have been legally and sustainably harvested.

He says this has been prompted by law changes in Australia.

"Importers in Australia are required to demonstrate the legality of the timber that they bring in, so we have been working with the Australian market around complying with that and then equally at the moment talking to the New Zealand market about the requirements for legality of timber and sustainable certification."