Soldier's death in Tahiti linked to malaria

7:42 am on 28 March 2015

Reports from French Polynesia say a French soldier who was found dead at the beginning of the week while on leave in Tahiti died of what appears to be a rare form of malaria.

Media reports say the 35-year-old soldier, who was originally from the Marquesas, had recently returned from service in the Central African Republic.

This triggered rumours that he died of ebola, but an autopsy has dispelled such fears.

Tests samples have been sent for analysis to France.

He is believed to have contracted a rare form of malaria although all French soldiers deployed there have to take anti malarial medication.

The type of mosquitoes that can carry malaria doesn't exist in Tahiti.

In November, a soldier originally from French Polynesia died in Paris of a severe form of malaria after serving in the same area of the Central African Republic.

Papeete, capital of French Polynesia

Papeete, capital of French Polynesia Photo: RNZI