17 Mar 2015

China offers cyclone relief to Vanuatu

2:36 pm on 17 March 2015

China has offered aid to Vanuatu in the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman says the Chinese government will provide disaster relief assistance and closely monitor the situation.

He says the Red Cross Society of China has already offered emergency humanitarian assistance to Vanuatu amounting to US$100,000 dollars.

The spokesman says the government will try its best to support the government and people of Vanuatu in combating the disaster and rebuilding their homeland.

A Royal Airforce transport plane is en route to Australia from Britain carrying hundreds of shelter kits and solar lanterns.

The UK pledged close to 3-million US dollars at the weekend towards the UN aid effort.

France and the United States are also sending aid.

China flag

China flag Photo: AFP