14 Mar 2015

Weather hampers repair efforts on vital Kiribati causeway

5:23 am on 14 March 2015

The Kiribati government says work is continuing around the clock to repair a vital causeway, but bad weather and high tides are hampering efforts.

The Dai Nippon Causeway, links two of the most populated parts of Tarawa atoll, Betio and Bairiki, and was badly damaged by high seas on Wednesday.

Kiribati damaged causeway

Kiribati damaged causeway Photo: Supplied

Much of the country's cargo and fuel supplies are transported from Betio, via the causeway, but vehicle weight limits have been imposed since the damage.

The government communications manager, Rimon Rimon, says public works officials have been working non-stop to repair the damage, but the weather is making it difficult.

"The repair that's going on is not being helped by the high tides, the ones that we're facing now and with the storms that's going on, it's not helping as well. But then according to our tidal calendar, next week there will be another predicted spring tide. I'm not looking forward to that, I think we will have to brace ourselves even more stronger than what we're facing now."

Rimon Rimon says work will continue throughout the weekend to try and ensure traffic over the causeway can get back to normal as soon as possible.