9 Mar 2015

Rural jobs to fix Fiji's unemployment

7:56 am on 9 March 2015

Fiji's Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations says rural entrepreneurship is the key to reducing the country's unemployment rate.

Jioji Konrote says getting more people to work in the rural sector is part of the Government's plan to reduce poverty.

Mr Konrote says the increase of the national minimum wage to $1.14 US dollars, which will become effective from July the 1st will help to reduce poverty by doubling the average pay for most workers.

Mr Konrote said private sector partnerships were also important in terms of creating job opportunities for the unemployed.

He said there were thousands of applications at the National Employment Centre to vet.

Mr Konrote says the government also has plans to reduce the retirement age to 55.

The Fiji Times reports the country's current unemployment rate sits at 7 per cent.

Government buildings, Suva

Government buildings, Suva Photo: RNZ / Sally Round