5 Mar 2015

Fiji opposition condemns PMs UN speech

6:43 am on 5 March 2015

The Fijian opposition says Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama's speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday was inaccurate, simplistic and covered up the true predicaments of Indigenous Fijians.


Ro Teimumu Kepa Photo: RNZ / Republika

The Fijian Prime Minister told a international delegation in Geneva that Fiji had much to be proud of in terms of its human rights record and that indigenous Fijians were fully protected by the constitution and under no threat whatsoever.

But Fiji's opposition leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa says this is far from the truth and that she is seeking means for the opposition's voice to be heard at international meetings.

" They had put together 17 decrees. Which systematically means the dismantling of the rights and privileges of the indigenous Fijians. So that is where we do not agree with what he is saying in regards to the indigenous Fijians because we have seen the systematic dismantling of our rights and privileges in that regard."