Solomons lack expertise for TV

7:57 am on 2 March 2015

A Pacific TV expert says Solomon Islands does not have the expertise to run a national television service.

Glen Hughes of Pasifika Communications is a consultant contracted by the Australian-funded Pacific Media Assistance Scheme to carry out a feasibility study on the prospects of starting a national TV service in the country.

Mr Hughes, who will be presenting his report to the board of the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Commission in the next two weeks, says a lot of money and effort will be needed to get a TV station off the ground in the capital.

"If we were to set up a television service in the Solomon Islands a considerable training would be required because no one their has the expertise. There are a few production companies established in Honiara but then again they are very basic and they would certainly require a lot of training to be able to produce to the international standards throughout the Pacific and the world."

Glen Hughes says if the project is approved there is an ambitious aim of having the station on air in time for the country's 38th Indpendence celebrations in July next year.