28 Feb 2015

US grants Polynesian Airlines Manu'a route

8:13 am on 28 February 2015

The U.S. Department of Transportation has granted only a 30-day waiver for the Samoa government owned Polynesian Airlines to operate American Samoa's domestic flights.

Manu'a group, American Samoa s

Manu'a group, American Samoa Photo: Supplied

The current 30 day exemption expires today, and Polynesian early this month sought a 6 month waiver, to avoid the need to file duplicative applications.

However the exemption issued yesterday, is for only 30-days effective from the 1st of March to March 30th, while deferring the remainder of the request, but at the same time will continue to monitor intra American Samoa flights.

The federal government agreed with Polynesian that there is no other U.S. carrier for the territory's domestic flights for the Manu'a island group.