27 Feb 2015

New Caledonia impasse to end in two weeks

12:12 pm on 27 February 2015

The head of the pro-independence Caledonian Union, Daniel Goa, says in two weeks he will decide who will be the territory's president.

Philippe Germain and Cynthia Ligeard

Philippe Germain and Cynthia Ligeard Photo: THEO ROUBY / AFP

New Caledonia has been without a president for more than two months after a power-sharing arrangement among the dominant anti-independence parties collapsed.

Since then neither the caretaker president Cynthia Ligeard of the Front for Unity nor Philippe Germain of the Caledonia Together Party has managed to secure six votes within the 11-member government to be president.

The anti-independence side has six seats and the rival pro-independence side five.

Mr Goa has told the newspaper, Les Nouvelles caledoniennes, that the candidate who has the policies closest to the ones of the pro-independence camp will get its support.

He says the impasse needs to end because time is running out for the transfer of powers from France to New Caledonia under the Noumea Accord.

The last attempt to elect a president failed last week, prompting new expressions of concern by the French government.

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