19 Feb 2015

Niue confirms chikungunya death

8:11 pm on 19 February 2015

Niue has confirmed a 22-year-old woman has died of the chikungunya virus, after health officials received results from tests done in New Zealand.

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Chikungunya claims life in Niue Photo: AFP / USDA

The death last month was the first recorded case of chikungunya in Niue.

The victim died four days after returning from a two-week holiday in Samoa and the Niue Health Department says the virus was detected through health surveillance checks for arriving passengers at the airport.

It says the World Health Organisation has been advised of the situation in Niue, as part of its regional surveillance network for mosquito-borne diseases.

The Department also says it is pushing for the public to eradicate mosquito breeding areas, and to be vigilant when travelling to countries reported to be affected by mosquito-borne diseases.

What is chikungunya virus?

Source: CDC