17 Feb 2015

New houses for Tongan cyclone victims

11:18 am on 17 February 2015

More victims of Tonga's cyclone Ian have been given new housing by the Tongan Ministry of Infrastructure with more on the way.

It has been a year since Ian devastated the Haapai islands but recovery has been slow with many victims still living in tents.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Etuate Lavulavu told Radio Tonga News progress is finally being made with 46 new houses given to victims last week and another 64 expected to be ready for habitation in a month's time.

Mr Lavulavu says his ministry is aiming to complete 280 houses by June and hopefully have all Haapai residents who are still living in tents housed properly by the end of the year.

Houses are still badly damaged months after Cyclone Ian.

A house on Ha'apai, badly damaged by Cyclone Ian Photo: Richard Small