9 Feb 2015

Fiji's Methodist Church 'disturbed' by statistics

6:38 am on 9 February 2015

Fiji's Methodist Church says the country's latest statistics into child abuse cases are deeply disturbing and action needs to be taken.

The Ministry of Social Welfare says 50 cases have been reported for the month of January.

A spokesperson for the church, Reverend James Bhagwan, says the church is committed to addressing abuse and violence in Fiji.

"As far as the church is concerned, 50 cases is 50 cases too many. It's very disturbing. We are also concerned because we know very well that for every case that is reported there are other cases that continue to go unreported."

Reverend James Bhagwan says the church is committed to emphasising the need for pre-marriage counselling and developing and teaching guidelines on parenting.