6 Feb 2015

Russia likely to sell weapons to Fiji

9:53 am on 6 February 2015

An analyst in international relations says Russia is likely to sell military weapons to Fiji after an agreement being signed between the two nations.

Fiji is hosting Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister in Suva this week and the final text of a Memorandum of Understanding is expected to be signed during the visit.

Senior lecturer in international relations at Victoria University, Dr Alexander Bukh, says Russia is facing a lot of criticism from the Western powers so any country interested in signing an agreement with Russia is greeted with quite a lot of enthusiasm.

"Fiji, it's a small country but it's an independent country, it's a member of the UN, they have certain needs. One of the major Russian exports is military related exports, so weapons. This is going to be one of the aspects of Russia - Fiji co-operation. Russia needs to find new clients for its weapons for its military related equipment and so probably Fiji's going to be one of them."

Alexander Bukh says the size of Fiji's economy means the deal is not going to be major for Russia.