4 Feb 2015

Niue to quarantine elephants for NZ

8:27 pm on 4 February 2015

Auckland Zoo says Niue has been confirmed as a holding facility for two elephants it is planning to acquire from Sri Lanka.

It says zoo staff will care for the two companions for their only elephant, 32 year old Burma, during their three month long quarantine on Niue, before travelling on to New Zealand.

Auckland zoo says it is still working with Sri Lankan authorities to source the elephants.

Burma has been at Auckland Zoo since 1990.

Burma has been at Auckland Zoo since 1990. Photo: PHOTO NZ

The Niue Star reports that former Secretary General of the Commonwealth and current chairperson of the Regional Facilities in Auckland City, Don McKinnon, was in Niue last week to inspect the temporary facility being readied to house the baby elephants.

It says Niue will receive financial gain from the agreement to provide the young elephants' accommodation just as it has when quarantining alpaca in the past.