4 Feb 2015

Fiji opposition says flag change undemocratic

3:09 pm on 4 February 2015

The parliamentary opposition in Fiji has slammed the plan for a new national flag as undemocratic.

The Opposition Whip, Ratu Isoa Tikoca says a flag change should have first been brought up in Parliament, followed by community consultation and a national referendum.

The prime minister Frank Bainimarama announced yesterday a new, more relevant flag would be hoisted in October after a national design competition.

But Ratu Isoa says the current flag with its Union Jack in the corner reflects Britain's important contribution to Fiji.

"That is a great history which everybody else in a hundred years time, they will know that flag reflects that. What history have we created from 1987 to this year? It's coup after coup after coup. Maybe a rifle and a mask could be one to remember about that."

Ratu Isoa says the flag change is part of hoodwinking the international community into believing that democracy has returned to Fiji.