3 Feb 2015

Sport: Changes proposed by American Samoa NOC

12:52 pm on 3 February 2015

The American Samoa National Olympic Committee's executive board has proposed a major amendment to its charter, calling for the secretary general position to selected from applicants and to be a paid job.

The move is included in proposed draft of changes presented to ASNOC membership over the weekend.

ASNOC president Victor Langkilde says sports federations have been given 30-days to review and comment on the draft proposal.

He says that having a secretary general selected and be a paid employee, was one of the recommendations made by IOC and Oceania National Olympic Committee officials who visit Pago Pago last year.

He says if the proposal was to go ahead the secretary general would no longer have a vote in decision makings of the executive board.

"Under this structure would put the secretary general's position to oversee the operations of the office, the administration, the projects and overseeing the staff [and to] report and be responsible and accountable to the board".

Victor Langkilde says there are many NOCs world wide with paid secretary general, who is selected for the job instead of been elected by sports federations.