2 Feb 2015

After sale, BSP promises job security for Westpac staff

3:29 pm on 2 February 2015

The Bank South Pacific says it will not be sacking any Westpac employees as part of its aquisition of Westpac operations in five Pacific countries.

BSP is set to pay 97 million US dollars for Westpac banking operations in Samoa, the Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tonga.

Bank South Pacific's Deputy Chief Executive, Johnson Kalo, says expansion into the Pacific has always been a vision for BSP and it will be doing all it can to ensure a smooth transition across all operations.

" So customers shouldn't experience very much change in their interactions with their bank. In terms of staff BSP is intent that staff will continue to be employed in those branches and subsidiaries as they have been employed at Westpac with all their conditions and terms intact."

Bank South Pacific's Deputy Chief Executive, Johnson Kalo.

The sale will take place in June providing both banks obtain necessary statutory, regulatory and third party approvals.