30 Jan 2015

Two potential cyclones brew

7:08 am on 30 January 2015

Fiji's Met Service says it is keeping a close watch on two weather systems that have the potential to develop into cyclones this coming weekend.

Acting Director, Aminaisi Tuiraki, says one tropical disturbance is currently to the west of Samoa and models are predicting a moderate to high chance of it becoming a tropical cyclone at it moves closer to the two Samoas and Niue over the next 48 hours.

He says a warning for strong winds and rain has already been issued for Samoa and American Samoa.

He says there is also another low pressure system to the northwest of New Caledonia and if it keeps intensifying as it moves south it too may become a tropical cyclone by Saturday night.

"Yeah one's still right near the coral sea but as it moves to the New Caledonian area and its going to move south. And the one over Samoa is still to the far west of Samoa, it's going to move in closer to the Samoan area and has started to track southeast. We are thinking about some effect over the Samoas and down to the Niue area."

Fiji forecaster Aminaisi Tuidraki.