29 Jan 2015

New bill to stop Samoa child labour

7:08 am on 29 January 2015

A senior Samoa government offical is hoping a new bill will help stop children working illegally as street traders and on farms.

Currently, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 15 to work during school hours, but there are no laws covering any other time.

The acting Chief Executive of the Ministry of Women, Culture and Social Development, Louisa Apelu, says the government is still working on the bill's intricacies.

"Given all the issues that have been raised so far with compulsory education and also children selling things out on the streets late at night that's also part of the issues that are being addressed through the protected mechanisms addressed in this bill at this stage"

Louisa Apelu says the government hopes to have the bill tabled with Cabinet within the next few months.