26 Jan 2015

Volcano eruption in Tonga declared over

8:52 pm on 26 January 2015

Authorities in Tonga say the volcanic eruption which created new land and which had been active for around five weeks is now over.

The new volcano in the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai region, 65 kilometres northwest of Nuku'alofa, was visited over the weekend by the naval vessel Neiafu.

There is no sign of any emissions of ash, gas or steam coming from the vent of the newly formed land mass.

The new land mass is about 120 metres high and varies between a width of 1.5 kilometres and 2 km

It has joined with Hunga Ha'apai and is about 200 meters short of Hunga Tonga.

All land in the area was covered by dark coloured ash from the eruption and now the sediments have changed into lighter colours due to oxidation.