24 Jan 2015

New date for alleged cop killer trial in American Samoa

9:38 am on 24 January 2015

A new date has been set in the murder trial of Siaumau Siaumau Jr, who is accused of shooting dead Police Detective Lieutenant Liusila Brown, and the attempted murder of two other police officers in 2010.

The case was initially set for trial last month however Siaumau told the court that he no longer wishes for the attorney from the Public Defender's Office to represent him and for the court to give him time to find a new lawyer.

Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop objected, saying it is a more than five year old case and the longer it's delayed. the more it will be difficult to move forward.

She added that the people of American Samoa and the victims of this case deserve early resolution of the matter.

Justice Richmond said the court is going to set the case for trial, and Siaumau is to alert the court of any new developments in his pursuit for a new attorney.

The new date for the Siaumau trial is now set for March 24.