21 Jan 2015

Saipan mayor's office seeks share of hotel occupancy tax

9:10 pm on 21 January 2015

The Mayor of Saipan, David Apatang, is calling for the Legislature to pass a measure that would allow his office to get a portion of the hotel occupancy tax collections.

Henry Hofschneider, the mayor's special adviser, says the House Bill 18-155 introduced by Representative Larry Deleon Guerrero remains pending in the House Ways and Means Committee.

Under the bill, the mayor's office will get 1 percent or not to exceed $60,000 of the hotel occupancy tax collections.

Mr Hofschneider says the mayor's office has been repairing roads and beautifying areas frequented by tourists.

He says any funding they get from the occupancy tax collections will be used for such services.

Marianas Variety reports the mayor's office will work closely with the Marianas Visitors Authority towards road repairs and beautification programs, which will benefit everyone including hotels.

Mr Hofschneider says the roads are frequently used by tourists and are maintained by the mayor's office to ensure the safety of everyone.

CNMI Legislature

CNMI Legislature Photo: Supplied