21 Jan 2015

EU offers Tonga help with governance

9:10 pm on 21 January 2015

The European Union Ambassador to the Pacific has offered the Tongan government assistance with its efforts to promote good governance.

Andrew Jacobs is touring the kingdom meeting stakeholders, community leaders and members of the new government.

This week his office has granted more than 1 million US dollars to go towards efficent energy systems in Ha'apai and around 150-thousand dollars to an NGO focussing on addressing school dropout rates.

Mr Jacobs says more assistance is available if needed.

"The Prime Minister and the new government are extremely keen to work on governance and anti-corruption and issues related to that and we could provide support as they move forward trying to ensure the best possible governance for the kingdom of Tonga. We do have some funds available for technical assistance in that field."

The EU Ambassador to the Pacific, Andrew Jacobs.