15 Jan 2015

2014 Samoa's hottest year since 1958

3:49 pm on 15 January 2015

The Head of the Meterology Division in Samoa says 2014 was the hottest year in nearly 60 years for the islands.

Mulipola Ausetalia Titimaea says preliminary findings show the average high was 31.8 degrees celcius for the year and the average minimum was 24.5.

Mulipola says this means it 2014 had the warmest temperatures since 1958.

"This may be happening because of the El Nino development causing weaker tradewinds and higher sea surface temperatures near our region and it's having also a more warm North-West winds closer to Samoa so basically that can explain the situation."

Mulipola says the information is in line with global trends as the planent experienced its third hottest year in recorded history in 2014.

He says according to patterns 2015 could be up to a degree hotter again.