12 Jan 2015

New agency takes over Nauru refugee settlement

12:42 pm on 12 January 2015

An Australian consortium of refugee settlement agencies has taken over from Save the Children in helping to settle refugees on Nauru.

Connect Settlement Services has won the contract to provide services in helping asylum seekers who've gained refugee status adjust to life in the Nauru community.

The agency is now looking for a director to run the operation on a 12 month package worth 160 thousand US dollars.

About 100 asylum seekers have won refugee status on Nauru which has housed about 1000 asylum seekers in camps set up under Australia's offshore processing policy.

A spokesman for one of the agencies in the consortium, Ames, says it has done similar work in the past settling refugees in rural Australia.

The service will help refugees in areas like accommodation, finances, healthcare and mixing with the local community.

Last year, Canberra accused Save the Children workers of fabricating stories about abuse at the asylum seeker detention centre on Nauru and workers were ordered to leave the island.