29 Dec 2014

CNMI senator calls for caution over handgun law

5:53 am on 29 December 2014

A Northern Marianas senator is warning there will be chaos if handguns are legalised without neccessary restrictions.

Pete Reyes introduced the Weapons Omnibus Act during the last legislature session before Christmas.

Senator Reyes says the bill will amend local gun laws whose prohibition against handguns is being challenged in federal court.

The bill will regulate the ownership of handguns if, as expected, the federal court rules that current local law violates the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

Senator Reyes says the expected ruling could create a chaotic situation.

"We need to guard against the possibility of a rush by the population to get firearms and not having any type of regulatory control over it. That's what I mean when I say chaotic."

Senator Reyes says background checks should be compulsory for all gun purchasers.