24 Dec 2014

CNMI hotel may close due to denial of alien workers

4:53 pm on 24 December 2014

A Northern Marianas resort is in danger of closing after the United States immigration department denied hundreds of foreign workers the right to work in CNMI.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service denied 197 Transitional Worker petitions, affecting 693 foreign workers.

Many of those workers are at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino, the largest private employer on Tinian.

Closure would have a tremendous effect on Tinian's economy which relies on revenues from the casino to stay afloat.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI. Photo: RNZ / Mark Rabago

The hotel's manager, Tom Liu, confirmed the company received a notice from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, but declined to comment further on the issue.

The CNMI Senate has adopted a resolution requesting the USCIS reconsiders its decision.