18 Dec 2014

Mystery still around foreign swimmer in Vanuatu

8:17 pm on 18 December 2014

A mystery swimmer who swam ashore in northern Vanuatu has been identified as Thomas Sindbeg Erickson, who says he is a Dutch national.

The 36 year old says he is an explorer and writer and is in Vanuatu for historical studies.

He claims to have travelled by small boats or ships from Papua New Guinea to Gizo in Solomon Islands before reaching Metoma in Torres islands 3 weeks ago.

Meanwhile the police commander in Luganville, Willie Samuel, says there has been no clearance for any vessel from Solomon Islands to Metoma.

He says Luganville is the only port of entry for the northern islands of Vanuatu.

The man is still to be flown to Luganville for questioning by police.