17 Dec 2014

Bougainville chocolate bar one step closer

11:28 am on 17 December 2014

The making of the world's first Bougainville chocolate bar is one step closer with a crowd funding initiative raising more funds than expected.

The brain child of the Wellington Chocolate Factory's Rochelle Harrison and Gabe Davidson, the ambitious plan involves a local farmer, a yacht and one tonne of premium Bougainville cocoa.

Gabe Davidson says the aim is to make good chocolate and help a small agricultural industry get back on its feet after the civil war.

"Very little is known about the beans of the South Pacific. So if this is a successful case study, which I am sure it will be, then we can potentially replicate this in other South Pacific countries and showcase cocoa beans of the South Pacific to the rest of the world."

The Wellington Chocolate Factory's Gabe Davidson.

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