15 Dec 2014

No leads on Chinese murder cases in CNMI

12:21 pm on 15 December 2014

No new information about the murder of two Chinese farmers in the Northern Marianas in early November has come to light despite a US$10,000 reward for any leads on the case.

Hai Ren Li and Cheng You Li were found dumped by an airport runway, in the third double homicide involving Chinese nationals on Saipan in less than two years.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says the Department of Public Safety has gone quiet on the case since saying two weeks ago it was treating all three cases of homicides as related.

Mark Rabago says the other cases are still unresolved.

"Cold case, yeah, they turned into a cold case. Hopefully this doesn't follow those two other cases but they are still looking for leads but they haven't made public any updates. I'm not sure if this 10,000 dollars reward for information would help but hopefully somebody will come up."

Mark Rabago says some members of the Chinese community have alleged that local extortionists might be behind the killings.