11 Dec 2014

High ranking public servants suspended in Samoa

7:08 pm on 11 December 2014

The electoral commissioner and the chief executive of the ministry of justice have been suspended by the public services commission in Samoa.

Papalii Malietau Malietoa and Masinalupe Tusipa Masinalupe are suspended on full pay awaiting the outcome of an investigation carried out by the commission.

The PSC chief executive, Fuimaono Beth Onesemo, says there are allegations of non-compliance

with governing legislation and policy regarding their duties

Fuimaono says the two week suspensions are necessary and can also be extended.

"We need to undertake an investigation and to ensure that the investigation is not hampered and unduly influenced in any way and our investigators can access information and witnesses, we need to suspend the two CEOs as everything is under their control. They are suspended until further notice and we await the investigating report until a further decision on their future is made."

The PSC Chief Executive in Samoa Fuimaono Beth Onesemo.