10 Dec 2014

New Australian visa bill unsettles asylum seekers

6:56 pm on 10 December 2014

A refugee in Australia is calling on Australians to protest against the new Amendment Bill announced last week.

The refugee, who wishes to be unnamed, says other refugees and asylum seekers he has spoken to have been greatly disturbed since the announcement.

More than 250 asylum seekers in Australia's Manus Island Detention centre in Papua New Guinea went on a hunger strike after hearing the announcement.

The amended law allows asylum seekers processed in Australia to apply for Temporary Protection Visas, but excludes those held in PNG or Nauru.

It seeks to deal with a case load of about 30,000 asylum seekers in the next three years.

The refugee says he has not been able to sleep since the bill was announced.

The government doesn't hear our voice. I'm asking the Australian people to tell the government, not to do this. Not to follow the current laws. Because we are not in a good situation. We are in a very dangerous situation.

The Australian flag.

The Australian flag. Photo: PHOTO NZ