8 Dec 2014

Fiji Opposition boycotts Parlt over Budget

7:57 pm on 8 December 2014

The opposition in Fiji boycotted parliament today in protest at the government's Budget document, which they say is riddled with errors.

The opposition raised concerns last week and whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca says the government made amendments which it is calling its Core Agenda and wants this attached to the Budget as a supplement.

But Ratu Isoa says the entire document needs to be rewritten.

He says they approached the Speaker, Jiko Luveni, before parliament but this was ruled out.

Ratu Isoa says they then attended the chamber and attempted to raise points of order on their concerns.

"When they insisted, the Speaker insisted that this [Budget debate] should continue we stood and walked out of parliament because it is unconstitutional and it is an illegal document, and we cannot be part of that."

Ratu Isoa says the government then passed the bill - completing in one and a half hours a process that parliament was to spend a week on.