5 Dec 2014

Fiji signs agreement limiting albacore catches

6:58 pm on 5 December 2014

Fiji has become the 10th member of the Forum Fisheries Agency to sign the Tokelau arrangement agreeing to set catch limits for southern albacore.

The Permanent Secretary of Fisheries signed the non-binding agreement at the Western and Central pacific Fisheries Commission meeting.

He says the Tokelau arrangement is a good start and although the document is non-binding, Fiji will adhere to it.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary of Fisheries Sanaila Naqali says Fiji has experienced the same problem that other Pacific islands have in the decline of albacore stocks.

He says a few years ago Fiji issued l20 fishing licenses but this has halved in an effort to sustain depleted fish stocks.

"Over the years we have been feeling a great reduction in the catches so this is an opportune time to have this measure so that we can bring back stocks to the health that we want to and not endanger the livelihood of all people."