5 Dec 2014

Sport: Dubai 7's streamed in Fiji despite no TV coverage

9:46 am on 5 December 2014

Rugby fans in Fiji will be able to watch a live-stream of the Dubai Sevens despite World Rugby pulling the plug on the TV coverage of the event.

The sport's governing body says it was left with no other option after discovering the Fiji Government had imposed the "Television (Cross-Carriage of Designated Events) Decree" earlier this year, requiring the sevens matches to be shared across television channels, public and private.

World Rugby says it wasn't consulted by the Fiji Government ahead of the decree being implemented, as is normal for similar types of legislation introduced in other territories.

It says they were forced into withholding the broadcast feed because the government refused to enter into meaningful dialogue.

Privately owned Fiji TV previously had the sole broadcast rights in Fiji to the World Sevens Series and World Rugby says the decree undermines those existing exclusive arrangements.

World Rugby says, despite the ongoing impasse, a live-stream of the Dubai tournament will be available to fans in Fiji via www.worldrugby.org/sevens-series.