25 Nov 2014

Vanuatu's acting police chief in court on mutiny charge

8:41 pm on 25 November 2014

Vanuatu's acting police commissioner, Aru Maralau, will appear before the Supreme Court on December the 2nd in relation to a conspiracy charge against him and five other officers.

The charge centres around mutiny attempts by some senior police officers to arrest the then-acting commissioner, Arthur Caulton, in October 2012.

Mr Caulton, who had earlier replaced Joshua Bong as police commissioner, is currently suspended.

Aru Maralau says the Prime Minister recently called for the investigation to be dropped so unity in the police force can be rebuilt.

However, he says some officers have not respected this request, and have continued with an underground investigation.

"That looks very bad on Vanuatu police, that the [then] commissioner of police did not take instructions from the minister of police. In other words, we have an element of the police force who cannot take instructions. If you cannot take instructions from your superior, then who else will you work for?"

Aru Maralau.